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Welcome to Steakhouse Rodizio in Essen

TOP offer - only on Sundays

Rodizio familyday
11:30 am to 5:00 pm

adult - 20,90 €
kids - 10,90 €

Rodizio - South American speciality

What does RODIZIO mean? Many types of meat are seasoned according to an old gaucho recipe
and fl ame-grilled on large rotisseries. Once the meat ist tender an juicy, our „cortadores“ - modern
gauchos - make their rounds and slice the meat directly from the skewer onto your plate.

We always serve a variety of select side dishes and fresh seasonal salads to accompany the meal.
You eat as much as you like an enjoy South American music as you dine.

One thing´s for sure...
„You can´t describe it; you simply have to experience it.“

We begin serving Rodizio at 6:00 pm per person 26,90 €

Samba-Tänzerinnen Samstags Samba-Show


Choose from a wide range of meat and grill specialties. There are high quality side dishes depending on the season.

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The Rodizio

Founded under the name of Drago, our restaurant has dedicated itself to grilling the best meat and working with high quality ingredients. Visit us and enjoy your very own Rodizio.